Emblem Club #543

Salem Emblem Club #543 recently had their Annual Installation of Officers. It was an honor for our officers to be installed by Past Supreme President Janis Falcon and her Marshal, Boni Penning. Boni is also the State President of the Oregon Association of Em-blem Clubs.
Jan Chumbley was installed as President and Babe Bogeart was installed as Vice President. President Jan is planning a year of concentrating on obtaining new members as well as having more activities and ways and means projects. We were fortunate to initiate new members Gloria Christian, Jeanne Garre and Mari-lyn Hedlund the beginning of 2015.
Current projects where all can help include: saving cancelled postage stamps (turn them in to Jan Sloan or another Emblem member) and saving and collecting items to help fill the “care boxes” going to our military overseas.