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Here you will find information that pertains to our Lodge standings in the programs sponsored by the Elks National Foundation.

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Veterans Services


ELKS NATIONAL FOUNDATION is vital for our communities.


Elks National Foundation update:

With the start of a new lodge year comes the start of our Elks National Foundation fundraising season. Our 2017-2018 Elks National Foundation Per Capita goal will once again be around $2700. In return for meeting that goal our lodge is eligible for up to $8,000 in grants to use as investments in our community. Over the last three years we have provided nearly $7000 to the D.A.R.E. Program, $6000 to providing gifts and educational supplies to the students of the Oregon School for the Deaf, and $4000 to provide Christmas for the children of veterans in need. That is $17000 in direct community support made possible because of our giving to the Elks National Foundation.


by Blake Whitson, Chairman