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Here you will find information that pertains to our Lodge standings in the programs sponsored by the Elks National Foundation.

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Elks National Foundation update:

We have now completed our first two Elks National Foundation Grant Projects. The first, using an ENF Anniversary Grant, provided 150 backpacks to the Salem YMCA for kids in need heading back to school.

The second is one of our largest to date. When meeting with the director of the Oregon Veterans Home Lebanon, he told us about a project they were working on to be able to access telehealth services via the federal VA. And while the VA was providing the software and medical professionals for the telehealth service they would not be provided the hardware needed to access it. This is where we come in, we applied to use our 2017-18 Gratitude Grant to provide several tablets to the Lebanon home. In addition to the telehealth services these tablets can be used as part of rehabilitation programs for veterans who have suffered strokes or other motor control issues. They can also be used to communicate with friends and family outside the home. The administration of the veterans home believed heading into the project that the Elks would be providing 4 or 5 of the tablets and maybe some app store credits to go with them. However, in addition to the $2,000 Salem Gratitude Grant our brothers and sisters at the Keizer Lodge pledged $1,000 of their ENF Anniversary grant to this project. We raised an additional $500 from Salem Lodge Members and were provided with a 15% discount on the total purchase from the Lebanon Walmart. All together, our two lodges were able to provide 20 of the tablets to the veterans living at the home. And each tablet came with a $25 Google App Store card as well. This project has a total value of over $4,200 and shows the impact our lodges can have when we work together for an outstanding cause.


by Blake Whitson, Chairman