Ladies Of the Elks

Lady Elks

News flash first! Easter is on the way! The Children’s Easter Party will be held on March 31, 2018 at 9:30. Debby has once again coordinated a fun time for everyone including refreshments, egg hunts, lots of fun ac-tivities and of course the Easter bunny!! Come on out and visit with our Bunny and see if he/she has some eggs or other goodies for you! Always a fun time and happens rain or shine, but let’s hope for outdoors and sunshine! If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity we can always use help in coordinating activities for the kids!

In case you are not familiar with our Salem Ladies of the Elks, I will give you some background. Our Lodge has had a Ladies group from the onset of the lodge. The group was originally very structured and typically lead by the Exalted Rulers wife each year. In the past there were many ladies that attended and provided much needed they provided for the lodge. As ladies were allowed to join the Elks and as more Exalted Ruler’s do not have someone to lead the group, our Ladies group had to change. We have transitioned from a structured group to a more laid back group but still accomplish many functions, activities and additions to the Salem Lodge.

The Salem Ladies of the Elks have had a GREAT year for 2017 – 2018! In the past two years we have increased membership and attendance at meetings and volunteerism for Lodge functions! We have given to several charities and to our Salem Elks Lodge throughout the year, plus entertain the children with many fes-tive parties for each holiday. That is how it should be! The more the Ladies of the Elks participate, the more we are a support group for our Lodge! I believe this is a necessity for success in our lodge.

I can’t begin to name the ladies who have been great assets to our group this year. We have ladies that con-tinue to attend meetings when they have probably attended hundreds of meetings. They are not always able to do all they would like to, but their participation at the meetings give us our history and foundation! Members who have been here for awhile and new members have come up with some new and great ideas and we have been able to move forward with them! It takes all of these things to make us successful and that is what has happened! Great work, Ladies! Here’s looking forward to a new Elk year!

~Carol Moody