336ers RV Club


     Most if not all the 336ers Snow Birds have migrated back to Salem and are ready to enjoy the beautiful and mild Pacific Northwest spring weather. After weeks and months of enduring dry and dusty desert air, breathing the moist clean Oregon air will certainly be a welcome pleasure.
     Since this reporter has missed the past two club meetings, my reports have been based on information provided to me by the club officers. At the March meeting, Wagon Master Janet Maddux distributed an updated schedule for 2018 which included an April 12th to 15th camp out at Wapiti arranged by Doris and Darrell Wing, and a steak night dinner gathering at the lodge for Wednesday March, 21st. After the dinner there was a meeting where the July Northwest Elks Rally was discussed. The purpose of the meeting was to identify various tasks to be accomplished, and to organize committees to perform those functions. The Northwest Elks camping rally has been conducted annually for the past 50 years, rally responsibilities alternating between lodges in Oregon and Washington. This year Salem is responsible for the rally and will have help from Keizer and Florence Elks RV Clubs and working together we can make the 50 year anniversary rally a memorable event that Salem 336ers can be proud of.

by John Trammell