336ers RV Club


      After travelling and staying in lofty elevations around 7 thousand feet above sea level for the past several weeks Hilde and I have returned to Salem after our sojourns. The moist and heavier air here in the Willamette Valley is refreshing after breathing the thin dry air where we traveled.

At the October club meeting Doris Wing took her place as the appointed club treasurer and presented a very detailed report on the status of club funds. The club finances are in very good shape with the added funds earned at the Northwest Elks Rally. Organizers of the 2019 rally are setting up a Facebook group concerning that rally and more information about that will be provided in next month’s article.

The remaining events of this year are the November 14th dinner at Lum Yuen’s restaurant and the December 15th Christmas dinner at the lodge. Events are being planned for 2019 and while some are firmly scheduled there are several where the place or date has not been set. The latest information I have follows: January, no club meeting, February and March have club meetings but no other functionsAssistant Wagon Master Gordon Sawser is still looking for someone to arrange an outing for April. The month of May (20th to 23rd) will be camping at Sutherlin, June will be a camp out arranged by Pat & Janet Maddux time and place to be announced later, July 11th to 14th will be the Northwest Elks Rally at the Chelan County Fairgrounds near Leavenworth, Washington coordinated by Trammells. A camp out during August will be at Tillamook, time and place to be determined, September will be a camp out at Wapiti, dates to be determined. October has no event scheduled as of now so please step up and volunteer to make something happen next October. November will be a dinner out and December will be a Christmas party at the lodge. Both those events will have the dates announced soon.That’s all for now folks.

by John Trammell