336ers RV Club


      This report is being sent from Utah where Hilde and I are participating in a 32 day guided caravan of 20 RVs. We are visiting most of the of the National Parks in Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. Based on information from my contacts in Salem I can report that the September club business meeting was attended by 22 members and no guests. The usual reports were rendered and the club is in good order. Shortly after the meeting a camp out was held at Wapiti with six rigs attending. The Wings and Janet and Pat Maddux organized the camp out and everyone had a very good time. The usual washoe tournament was held and the winners were Ed Helton and Pat Maddux, second place was taken by Janet Maddux and Derrall Wing. The next camp out will be at Florence Oct 22 to 26, contact Janet Maddux if you want to participate.
Marilyn Northcutt is closing the books on the 2018 Northwest Elks Rally recently conducted by Salem 336ers RV club. Marilyn has sent $500 to the Northwest Elks Rally Association treasurer in payment for some of the facility rental fees, $200 to Florence RV cub for preparing the lunches, and $200 to Keizer RV club for serving the wine and beer. Even after these payments there is a significant dollar amount left in the account we set up to manage the rally. Marilyn will write a check to our club for the remainder of funds to close the account and will announce the exact amount at the next club meeting in October. Contact Marilyn if you wish to know the amount that will be deposited into the 336ers RV club treasury.
It was recently announced that the 51st annual Northwest Elks RV Rally will be held during mid July 2019 near Leavenworth, Washington and will be arranged by the Sequim Elks Lodge RV Club. Salem 336ers will likely be called on to assist in conducting the rally and based on past experience I am certain we will respond to requests for our help.

by John Trammell