336ers RV Club

     The RV club is going strong with several new members joining us in the last few months, the latest is Nick Trujillo who joined us at the August meeting. Nick has recently retired from the US Army after a 20 year active duty career. He entered the army as an enlisted man and through hard work and exemplary service advanced to the rank of warrant officer. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan during his career. Nick enjoys hiking and playing cribbage, he plans on using some of his free time to continue his education at Chemeketa College. Welcome to our club Nick.

      The RV Club currently has 45 members. We meet in the lodge at 7 pm the first Tuesday of each month to conduct club business except for January when there is no meeting. Our camp outs are usually within 150 miles from Salem and start as early as May and continue to October. During November and December we have a club dinner where we socialize and just generally enjoy comradeship with friends. At our camp outs we visit local attractions, have dinners at nearby Elks lodges where possible, enjoy pot luck meals, play table games, and participate in social happy hours. Any RVing Elk is welcome to join us at our club meetings or camp outs as our guests.Call John Trammell (me) at 503-581-8945 for additional information about the RV Club.

     At the August meeting there were 29 members present. Assistant Wagon Master Darrell Wing provided information on future camp outs and urged members to step up and arrange an outing for the club. Our sheriff JoAnna Maddux found 5 members not wearing name badges. They will not be identified in respect of privacy laws but each of them paid the designated fine of 25 cents. Please remember to wear your name badges. During the customary drawings the 5 lucky winners were: BJ, Ed, Hilde, Judy, and Pat J. The meeting ended with the telling of a few funny jokes and everyone seemed to have had a good time.

by John Trammell