336ers RV Club

    January, the first month of the new year has zoomed past and most of us reflect on just how time seems to fly by. An interesting theory is that awareness of time is relative to a person’s age. When we are ten years old the passing of one year is a whopping ten percent of our lifetime up to that point, when we are 80 the passing of one year is only one eightieth of our lifetime up to that point. In our minds the passing of a year in our eighties seems much shorter than it did when we were ten. Enough of that now. This article is being written from southern Arizona where we have encountered a few days of sub freezing nightly temperatures and daily highs in the high forties and low fifties. Things are looking better with warmer weather predicted.
The RV Club does not have a business meeting during January but several members did attend the lodge New Year’s celebrations. The next scheduled meeting will be Tuesday the 5th of February at 7pm in the lodge “nest room”. At this time I have no further information about the club camping trips and other outings for the coming year but I will announce them when I get more information. This is one of my shortest articles since I started writing them about 20 years ago but I am running out of words for now.

by John Trammell