336ers RV Club


  The last RV Club meeting was in November because the meeting for December was not held due to virus restrictions. We do not meet in January so nothing to report about that. The next scheduled meeting is February 2nd but it is most likely that you will not get the Elklet until after that date. If the February meeting takes place those of you who have paid your 2021 dues will be given a paper receipt at the meeting. By that time there should be a schedule of 2021 activities and camp outs to be handed out and an updated club membership roster should also be available.
If we are lucky, by then most of us will have the vaccination for the Covid-19 Virus and more social interactions will be possible. In regard to social interactions we have several members in the club who no longer have RVs. These members are more than welcome and have been valuable contributors to the overall success of the club through many years past. Most of you know Judy Sawser had her motor home up for sale and it has been sold. Judy will continue her membership in the RV Club. Well this the shortest article I have ever written, if any of you have newsworthy information send it to me for the next article I will write for February.

by John Trammell