336ers RV Club

  The month of October started with the with the RV Club business meeting on Tuesday, October 1st. Twenty five persons were in attendance including Rod Coakley’s cousin Sharon Cizek and her husband John visiting here from Nebraska. Visitors are always welcome at our meetings and all other club activities. With colder weather coming soon club camp outs are over until April of next year but other events are scheduled through the winter months; for example the October 16th dinner at Marco Polo Restaurant where a couple of dozen members met for an enjoyable evening arranged by the Wings. The Myers have arranged a dinner in November and the Trammells are also planning the annual December dinner. The Red Hat ladies also had an outing at “The Yard” food court trailers just off of State Street east of Lancaster Drive. The Yard is an interesting place to discover a large variety of ethnic food.

The officer nominating committee appointed at the September meeting was successful in locating a slate of candidates for the coming year. Nominations for RV Club officers are: Darrel Wing Wagon Master, Bill Maddux Assistant Wagon Master, Susan Myers Secretary, Doris Wing Treasurer. These will be announced at the November meeting. Additional nominations can still be made from the floor during the meeting. This is all I have to report in this article. If anyone not a current RV Club member reading this article has any questions about the club or how to join us for a meeting or event call or email me (John Trammell) at 503-581-8945 or email famtram1@msn.com. And I will be happy to discuss the club with you.

by John Trammell