336ers RV Club


During the past few month There have been no club meetings, camping trips, dinners, or other social gatherings to write about. That leaves me with the task of submitting something interesting for you to read so here goes. Our club currently has 43 members and coincidentally Marilyn Northcutt and Ralph Petersen have been in the club almost from the beginning with 43 years as members. Our two newest members have been in the club for about two months. Of the 43 members 21 are women and 22 are men. Ten of the men in our club are military veterans and four of them served more than twenty years in the service. The three oldest persons in the club are men over 90 years of age. There are 19 rigs in our club and our camp outs usually have 10 to 12 rigs or so in attendance.
For the next camp out organizers the location of our supplies are as follows: The coffee pot, paper products and other camp out supplies are at the Trammell home, the loud speaker is in the club locker at the lodge storage room and the supply of red club jackets and tee shirts is being held by Scott and Angela Dye. I have the supply of jacket patches, club flags and club decals.at our home. Now I have run out of words for this month’s report and have to think about what to put in the next report, hopefully it will include some good news about easing of the Covid restrictions and all of us getting together again.

by John Trammell