336ers RV Club


July was busy for 336ers beginning with the club meeting where 28 members were in attendance. Club sheriff JoAnna Maddux( AKA Bounty Hunter) was on the prowl for missing name badges. She has been very diligent performing her duty of collecting the 25 cent fine for not wearing a badge. She gave more than $21 collected previously to club treasure BJ Leach.
Hurrah! We pulled it off, managing a 72 rig RV rally near Hood River during the middle of July. The weather hit over 100 degrees one day but the main building had good air conditioning. The event was a success because of superb efforts by 23 members of the Salem RV club and capable assistance from Keizer and Florence Elks. Special mention must be made in praise of Henry Blackwell and Randy Leach. They parked all 72 arrivals, provided golf cart “on call” transportation, and even conducted a 20 team washoe tournament where Carol Moody and her partner from Brookings seized first place. BJ Leach and Doris Wing got up early to provide a breakfast for everyone and Pat Jones and Faith Newell cooked and served Pat’s famous spaghetti to about 160 people. Janet Maddux worked many hours to provide attractive table decorations.
I am pleased to report that my very good friend Deral Jones has reached the age of 90 years. Deral has been a club member for 24 years. He was born in Denton, Texas in 1928, the year the Model A Ford was first manufactured. The Model A sold for $500, equivalent to $7,125 today. He moved to Oregon at the age of 11 and soon after graduating from high school was drafted into the army where served for 2 years and 1 day. He was trained at Fort Bliss, Texas as an anti-aircraft gunner. After training his unit was alerted and prepared for shipment to the Korean War front but their destination was changed to Germany where the Cold War was heating up. Deral served in Germany enduring field maneuvers and war games in the bitter cold winters where your breath can freeze right in front of your mouth. There were no solid buildings during maneuvers and Deral was cold and miserable along with the other soldiers in his unit where he served for 18 months. He says the summers were very nice though and he wondered why the army had to choose winter months to conduct field training. At the end of army service Deral returned to Oregon and was employed in the beverage industry until his retirement. For many years he and his wife Pat have wintered in Arizona but recently have chosen to stay closer to home where they manage their 39 acre farm. Deral loves spicy foods and even makes nut brittle flavored with Jalapeno peppers, Wow. Deral has a hobby with model trains and is an accomplished wood worker. I could write much more about this remarkable man but I am over my word limit for this article.

by John Trammell