336ers RV Club


The May business meeting was conducted by Wagon Master Janet Maddux with 29 members present including Assistant Wagon Master Gordon Sawser and his wife, Judy. They have just returned from an extended trip which took them as far as Tennessee and Kentucky. The usual business reports were made and future club events were discussed. The Sutherland camp out activities will be reported about in the July Elklet.

For the many years, I have been writing these RV club articles it has been my pleasure to include a short biography of club members who have reached the age of 90 years. This month Jo Bennett will celebrate her 90th birthday. She was born in Compton, CA in 1928 where she lived until the age of 2 and then for the next 88 years in Oregon. Jo has seen many changes during her life; such as wooden frame wall telephones with crank handles to initiate calls (and the phone lines had to be shared with party line neighbors) to telephones that are worn on the wrist and can also be used as cameras and computers. Jo and her husband Bruce have been married 71 years and have been RV Club members for over 21 years. After Jo retired from work at the Oregon Department of Human Resources, she and Bruce traveled extensively in the USA, including Alaska and Hawaii, and the deep south. They have also visited Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand. and south of the border in Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Panama Canal. One memorable trip was a 30 day tour in their RV with a group of other adventurous RVers who traveled in Mexico from Nogales to Mazatlan with a side trip to the bottom of Mexico’s huge Copper Canyon, (larger than Arizona’s Grand Canyon) and return to the USA through Nogales again. Jo and Bruce continue to enjoy retirement after moving from their home of more than 46 years into an independent living facility where Jo, a superb cook, now has the option of cooking meals in the apartment or eating in the facility dining room, she said the dining room is not a hard choice to make after cooking meals for so many years. She says she sure hopes heaven does not have kitchens in the living quarters. Best wishes to you Jo from all the 336ers RVers.

by John Trammell