336ers RV Club


After several months of not being able to gather as a group for our RV Club meetings we finally met on March 2nd to conduct club business. Twenty three members were present including our newest member Cindy Faulkner, more about her later in this report. During the meeting Wagon Master Bill Maddux asked for a show of hands from people who had received at least one COVID vaccination shot, almost everyone raised their hands so it seems the club is well into getting vaccinated. By the next scheduled meeting April 6th at 7 PM in the lodge room it may well be that almost everyone will have been fully vaccinated. As mentioned earlier we have a new club member and she has shared some information about herself which I have provided below.
Our newest RV Club member is Cindy Faulkner who recently joined us. Cindy is a member
of the Salem Lodge and is retired from the Marion County Health and Human Services Department. While employed there she worked with disabled and disadvantaged children. She and her husband (deceased) were able to take in several needy children over the years and never took any payment for the care they provided them. She says it was reward enough to see the positive changes that were made in the children’s lives. Cindy moved to Oregon at the age of two when her father loaded up the family in his logging truck and moved to Oregon from North Dakota. The family settled on a ranch where she grew up tending animals including horses. Cindy has a small motor home which she enjoys driving and taking on camping trips. Her hobbies include gardening (vegetables, herbs, and fruit), bird watching, and of course camping. Welcome to our group Cindy, we are pleased to have you join us.

by John Trammell