336ers RV Club


     The July business meeting was attended by 22 RV Club members and 2 guests. Our club must have made a good impression on the guests, Robert and Gail Davis, because they decided to join our happy camping group. Robert is retired and has had an interesting career in law enforcement and security. Gail has retired from one of the most challenging and important professions in the country, that is being a mother and home maker for their 3 children while Robert was often away from home during his working years. Gail enjoys the leisure time she now has and likes to cook as a hobby.

     During the business meeting BJ Leach announced that she must resign from the treasurer position. BJ and Randy have sold their home and they look forward to travel as full time RVers which will take them away from Salem much of the time. Best wishes for happy travels to BJ and and Randy. In accordance with club by-laws the executive board appointed Dorris Wing to fill the treasurers position for the rest of the calendar year. Doris has been the club treasurer in the past so the position is not new to her. Doris deserves our thanks for stepping into the position.

     The club camp out for August at the Elklton RV Park with 9 rigs attending was arranged by Faith Newell and Henry Blackwell and JoAnna and Bill Maddux. They prepared a very nice taco salad dinner on arrival day for us which was perfect by any measurement. We all visited the nearby butterfly farm and learned about the life cycle and favorite plants the butterflies need to sustain their lives. We also visited the restored Fort Umpqua to learn about the history of the area. The fort was operated as a trading post by the Hudson Bay Company from 1836 to the 1850’s. The usual washoe tournament was played with Pat Jones and John Tramell winning first place by a slim margin over Hilde Trammell and Henry Blackwell. A good time was had by everyone who attended. The next 2 camp outs have been arranged by the Wings and Janet and Pat Maddux and will be at the Wapiti RV Park September 5th to 9th and at Florence Elks RV Park October 22nd to 25th. The November outing still to be announced will be arranged by Myers and Moodys. The last event of the year will be the Christmas Party at the lodge on December 15th arranged by Janet and Pat Maddx and JoAnna and Bill Maddux.

by John Trammell