336ers RV Club

  The first business meeting of this year was ably conducted by the newly elected officers with 19 persons in attendance. Wagon Master Darrell Wing started the meeting by leading the group in the traditional pledge of allegiance to our nation’s flag. It was a short meeting with very little club activity to report as is usual during the winter months but Bob Moody gave a report on future lodge activities. Several events are planned and you can check your Elklet News Letter for more information. The club event for February was a brunch at Elmer’s Pancake House arranged by Pat and Deral Jones, about a dozen or so members were there and had a good time visiting with each other. The next club event will be March 18th at the lodge where the Trammells have arranged a private room (the nest) for our use. That night is the third Wednesday of the month when prime rib is on the menu along with other tasty choices. There will also be a band playing that night so some of you may hit the dance floor after the meal.

Before the meeting ended the usual drawings were held with four winners going home a little richer; Bill Myers, Deral Jones, Carol Moody, and Karen Busby had a bit of luck that evening. A few jokes were told and that ended the evening of fellowship with everyone getting a chuckle or two. Most of you are old enough to remember what Walt Disney’s Porky Pig said at the end of the Saturday movie cartoons “ That’s all folks”.


by John Trammell